Refineries and Pipelines

Refineries and pipelines handle and process volatile materials every day. Because of the inherently dangerous nature of the refinery environment, there are literally thousands of regulations, codes, and laws governing safe refining practices in the United States.

Fuel Sources in the Home

There are few substances more flammable than the common fuels we use in everyday life at work and home – such as gasoline, natural gas, and propane. All of these substances should be handled and stored with extreme care as they can be ignited by even small sparks. You should be aware at all times where these substances are located at your work or home, and you should check them regularly to detect any fuel leaks that may be present.

For example, any of the following can malfunction and leak resulting in dangerous gas accumulations:

  • Water heaters
  • Central Cooling and Heating Systems
  • Space Heaters
  • Outdoor Grills
  • Gas Lights
  • Ranges, Ovens, Cooktops
  • Dryers
  • Fireplace Logs
  • Pool Heaters
  • Gas Generators
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Boats
  • ATVs
  • Automobiles
  • Numerous sources at work
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