Workplace Injuries and Death

Injuries and Work

The workplace is often a dangerous environment. Work related accidents can cause serious injuries, and most of these accidents are preventable.

Falls, electrocutions, explosions, and exposure to toxic substances are common workplace hazards. They can be caused by poor safety standards, co-worker inattention, defective equipment, and improper workplace preparation or permitting.

Falls account for one-third of all workplace related deaths. Crane, forklift and other heavy vehicle accidents are often caused by improperly maintained equipment, poor safety standards, or co-worker negligence.

OSHA is a governmental agency that was created to reduce workplace hazards and implement safety and health programs. OSHA provides for many employee rights, and creates obligations for employers.

Some of the employer obligations and duties imposed by OSHA are: 

  • Provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. 
  • Inform employees of OSHA safety and health standards for their workplace. 
  • Establish a comprehensive hazard communication program that includes provisions for material and safety data, and an employee training program.

In an effort to save money, employers often fail to follow OSHA rules and regulations. Cutting corners almost always leads to an unsafe workplace.

If you have been injured at your workplace, you need to contact a lawyer immediately and preserve the scene through documentation and photographs, if possible. Due to the nature of workplace accidents, the scene is often disturbed or altered shortly after the accident. Your lawyers will have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that the important evidence is preserved so you can fully protect your rights.

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