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How can an experienced Texas bed bug lawyer help me?

You can potentially recover both economic losses and non-economic losses if you were bitten by bed bugs in Texas.  Moving expenses, professional extermination expenses, medical treatments, loss of work or employment due to bed bug injuries, having to discard and then replace furniture, clothing and other personal possessions are considered monetary losses.   Non-economic losses include many things related to the stress of the physical disfigurement and sleepless night you endure because of a bed bug attack. If you have suffered physically, emotionally, or financially because of bed bug bites and believe the cause is negligence of behalf of a commercial business, you may be able to recover those losses with the help of an experience Texas bed bug injury lawyer. 

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Bed Bug Bites Can Be Dangerous

Researchers know that bed bugs do have the ability to carry and transmit disease.  According to this bed bug research article presented in Clinical Microbiology Reviews, “if bed bugs are numerous, the patient can present with widespread urticaria or erythematous rashes. Often, bites occur in lines along the limbs. Over 40 pathogens have been detected in bed bugs, but there is no definitive evidence that they transmit any disease-causing organisms to humans. Anemia may result when bed bugs are numerous, and their allergens can trigger asthmatic reactions.”

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services bed bug information page, “…many people have mild to severe allergic reactions to the bites. Bed bug bite marks usually appear on the face, neck, arms, hands, but can appear on other body parts. The marks are slightly swollen, red areas that can itch or be irritating.”

If you suspect you have been bitten by bed bugs, you can check for bed bugs beginning with the places where they most often live and hide – around mattresses, furniture, and other narrow, damp, dark spaces and crevices.  Below are examples of bed bug infestation patterns and usual hiding places: seams of mattresses, window frames, sockets, on or around furniture, or even painted into the walls!

As you can see, bed bug infestations can cause extreme pain, suffering and damage. Texas commercial businesses and property owners do have a legal obligation to ensure a safe, bed bug free environment on their property. 

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In the United States, bed bugs infestations have run rampant across many states, including Texas.  Texas commercial businesses have a legal obligation to ensure that their customers experience a safe environment.  Whether you were bitten in a hotel, movie theater, apartment, workplace, nursing home, airline, or even from rental furniture, contact an experienced bed bug injury lawyer for help.   

What Types of Health Problems
Bed bugs can Cause...



A bed bug sheds the outer layer of its body as it matures.  This is called a casing and the casing, along with bed bug feces, can dry out and become airborne. If you have asthma or any respiratory ailment, bed bug infestations can aggravate your condition.



Bed bug bites alone do not cause infection, however infections usually result because scratching at bedbug bites can cause openings or breaks in the skin. Bacteria can enter through these breaks and begin to multiply, leading to infection and even post-secondary infections.

“Texas has seen bed bug infestations in many types of businesses.”

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